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Developing a Stakeholders' Guide on the vulnerability of food and feed chains to dangerous agents and substances - ΣChain

Food safety is crucial to producers and consumers. However food chains are highly vulnerable to chemical, biological and other contaminations. Sigmachain develops a methodology for stakeholders of the food chains on how to identify and manage these risks. Four food chains were chosen as examples: - Water: short but rapid contamination chain - milk powder: batch mixing chain - farmed salmon and poultry: long geographical chains

Eleven research institutions from the European Union, Norway and Brazil took on the challenge to define a strategy for stakeholders to identify, assess and address vulnerabilities in the food chain.

Coordinator: University College Dublin
started 1.4.2006
Duration: 39 months
Costs: 4,4 Mio.€


Sigmachain is one of the projects in the KBBE agricultural sector

A previous project in this field was MePOSS investigating methods for the reduction of bacteria on meat surfaces. More details on the technology at competence cluster University Ostwestfalen Lippe