Finished project

SYNCOM`s role: assistance in project development, management and administration, socio economic assessment and short rotation coppice plantation.

Optimizing fuels for sustainable transport - OPTFUEL

2nd generation biofuels, like BtL-diesel (biomass to liquid) are one option for future mobility. This project is expected to demonstrate "optimized fuels for sustainable transport" and pave the way for the large-scale production of 2nd-generation bio-fuels for transportation based on gasification of wood and forestry residues.

Coordinator: Volkswagen AG
Started: 1.1.2009
Duration: 42 months
Costs: 13,6 Mio.€


Optfuel is a result of the previous RENEW project were two most promising pathway for the production of BtL fuels  (Biomass to Liquid) were identified. Both technologies are now in the demonstration phase.