Finished project

SYNCOM's role: SYNCOM contributes its experience with the determination of feedstock costs, is responsible for the dissemination activities and assists the consortium in administrative tasks.

Biomass based energy intermediates boosting biofuel production - BioBoost           

The increasing share of biomass for renewable energy in Europe demands conversion pathways which are economic, flexible in feedstock and energy efficient. BioBoost is to pave the way for de-central conversion of residual biomass to optimised, high energy density carriers, which can be utilised in large scale applications for the synthesis of transportation fuel and chemicals or directly in small-scale combined heat and power (CHP) plants.

Major activities include the analysis of economic efficiency of the complete production pathways, the optimization of logistic chains and the investigation of environmental compatibility. BioBoost aims at making a substancial improvement towards increasing the efficiency of the use of residual biomass in the future.


Coordination: Karlsruher Institut fuer Technologie (KIT)
Start date: 1.1.2012
Duration: 42 months
Costs: 7,3 Mio.€



BioBoost builds up on the progress of the projects RENEW and OPTFUEL and also investigates on 2nd generation of bio-fuels. The focus in BioBoost is on de-central conversion processes, an economic logistic concept as well as environmental sustainability. The project is funded under the 7th Framework Programme by the European Commission.