25th February 2015 - Project greenGain will increase energy use of neglected biomass resources

Project greenGain is looking for solutions to increase energy use of biomass feedstock coming from landscape conservation and maintenance works in the public interest. Vegetation from roadsides, river banks, hedgerows or public parks is often neglected, but it has a substantial potential to increase the feedstock supply for the growing renewable energy sector. The three year project which started on January this year is supported by the Horizon 2020, European program to foster research and innovative solutions in the EU. The project partners launched the project with a Kick-off-meeting in Berlin earlier this month.

Marie Bergmann, project coordinator at renewables agency FNR in Germany, which is leading the project, said: “There is a growing pressure for the sustainable supply of biomass feedstock to meet our energy needs. In the greenGain project we want to raise awareness on biomass resources which are currently underexploited. Using biomass coming from landscape conservation and maintenance works for energy purposes is simply a common sense. Unfortunately we lack strategic approach and easily accessible information on the energy potential and demand for these biomass sources. That is where our project steps in.”

The project is gathering partners and researchers from Germany, Italy, Spain and Czech Republic. greenGain will show strategies to build up reliable knowledge on local availability of this biomass feedstock and know-how on issues from logistics to storage and sustainable conversion pathways for the transformation of these biomass sources to renewable heat and electricity.

Researchers will map biomass potential coming from landscape conservation, various technological options to utilise it, identify possible obstacles and provide recommendations to a wide range of stakeholders in the EU 28. The project partners will be working closely with the model regions Friesland and Rotenburg (Germany), Bohemia (Czech), Lake Trasimeno (Italy) and Matarraña and Bajo Aragón (Spain). The project will be focused also on raising awareness, governance issues and general public acceptance.

The website of the project is under preparation and will be soon accessible at

Contact details

Marie Bergmann, Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V. (FNR), Germany, e-mail:, GSM: +49 (0) 3843-6930-178

Klaus Lenz, SYNCOM Forschungs- und Entwicklungsberatung GmbH, Ganderkesee, +49 4222 947988-0