18th August 2017 - greenGain national workshop in Perugia

On Friday 30th of June 2017, the greenGain project held the fourth greenGain national workshop in the prestigious location of the Regional Council palace in the historical centre of Perugia, Italy. The main focus of the workshop was the discussion about the feasibility of a Biomass Trade and Logistic Centre (BTLC), otherwise called Logistic Platform, in the area of the Trasimeno region. This center has the potential to increase market uptake of biomass from landscape conservation and maintenance work (LCMW). The first part of the workshop, in the morning, was dedicated to the presentations of representatives from academia, policy makers and private companies, the second part, in the afternoon, to a moderated discussion among stakeholders regarding the BTLC and other important aspects of the management of LCMW biomass in the Trasimeno region. Further information.


June 29th the project partners undertook an excursion to a local gasification plant using LCMW as a feedstock.