Klaus Lenz ph.D., physicist with technical background in smart materials and intelligent actuators. Since 1989 working with the European Commission under service contracts and in the management of R&D projects. He founded the company in 1997 and is the managing director of SYNCOM. 

Mini Bajaj, PhD did Masters in Environmental Science and Engineering from India and received doctorate from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) for her dissertation on biological treatment of phenolic wastewaters. Before joining SYNCOM in 2016, she was employed in KIT and has several years of experience in the area of microbial bioremediation, waste and wastewater treatment.

Angelika Riechers, joined SYNCOM in 1997 and takes care of the organisation and preparation of international meetings and the secretarial support.

Jens Urbanski, graduated in economics at the  University Oldenburg. Since 2004 he supports the projects in the daily administration and  maintains the online project intranets and web sites.